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3 Different Types of False Eyelashes - Which Should You Choose?

Whether you have long eyelashes naturally or need a little help with length and volume, false eyelashes can be a great addition to your makeup routine. There are three different options for false eyelashes.


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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are single hairs applied one-by-one to the base of individual natural lashes. A special lash adhesive is used that can bind the lashes semi-permanently. This application must be done by a licensed professional and can take up to 2 hours for the initial application. They can last 2 to 3 weeks and fall off as your lashes naturally shed. Touch-up applications are usually shorter than the initial application.

When applied correctly they look the most natural and can enhance your entire face, even with no makeup on. However, they are not for everyone.

Due to their semi-permanent nature, applications can be pricey and time consuming. And even the most sensitive adhesive can be too much for someone with eye sensitivities. Also, they last longest when a person sleeps on their back and has little contact with direct water to the face. So if you are a wild sleeper and have a lot of direct contact with water, these may not work for you.

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Individual Lashes/Clusters

Clusters tend to be the least expensive of all the false eyelash options. They are individually grouped lashes with about 3 to 5 lash hairs bound together. They can be placed strategically on areas of the natural lash to add volume or length. And since they do not have a long band, they can be more natural looking.

Practice may be needed to get the hang of handling them since they are so small. Gripping them with tweezers can be very helpful during the application process.

Be careful of "professionals" using these lashes as eyelash extensions. The adhesives used for true eyelash extensions are specially made for single lash applications. Leaving cluster lashes on for multiple days and/or using stronger adhesives with them can damage your natural lash hairs and cause eye irritations.

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Strip Lashes

The most popular of the three types of false eyelashes are strip lashes. They have lash hairs bound to a half or full strip. With this option you have the least control over how your want your eyelashes to look. However, they come in various styles and materials that can make your look either natural or more dramatic.

What brand and style you choose can determine how expensive a pair can be. More quality pairs tend to have thinner and more flexible bands that can make application easier and more natural looking.

The type of false eyelashes you choose depends a lot on your lifestyle, time and budget. It also varies whether you need a temporary enhancement to a makeup look or a more permanent option.

Which false eyelash options have you tried? What have you liked or disliked about them? Subscribe and comment below.

Helpful Tips

  • When removing unwanted lashes from lash extensions, it's best to return to the licensed professional who installed them. They have a special remover that can limit natural hair loss during the removal process.

  • Always trim strip lash bands on the outside edge to help the lashes look the most natural.

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