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"Your Skin Is Not Dry, It's Dehydrated"

As an Esthetician, I have probably said this phrase over a thousand times. Second only to "your skin is not sensitive, it's sensitized". But that topic is a discussion for another blog post in the near future. So what is the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin? Is it really that big of a deal? The simple answer is YES. Learning how to properly identify the two could be the change you need in your skin care routine. Actually, not understanding the difference could be causing your biggest skin care issues. Yikes!


Dry Skin

Dry Skin is considered a skin type. Skin types are usually genetically determined and can be difficult or impossible to change. An Esthetician will usually determine your skin

type by analyzing various factors including the size of the pores on your face.

People who have dry skin do not produce enough oil, and therefore their pores are usually extremely small and barely visible.

Smaller pores may seem good, but if they are small due to lack of oil, harm can be caused to the skin. Natural oils can create a barrier of protection for the skin and help water and important nutrients to stay beneath that barrier. It may also be difficult for people with smaller pores to get products and ingredients to penetrate the skin, thus not allowing the skin to get the benefit of what is being used.

Dehydrated Skin Dehydration is considered a skin condition. Unlike skin types, skin conditions vary due to environment, habits, diet, and various other internal and external factors. Skin conditions can be treated, which can result in improvements or completely fix the condition of the skin.

People who have dehydrated skin lack moisture (water). This is completely different from someone with dry skin, which lacks oil. Any skin type can be dehydrated.

Dehydrated skin has nothing to do with pore size, but is determined by how the skin looks, feels and responds to water. Dehydration can cause serious problems by making the skin's barrier weak, leading to breakouts, blackheads, and premature aging of the skin.

I recommend taking time to recognize how your skin is responding to ingredients and products. Most of the time, a quick fix is not the solution. Lifestyle changes may be in order.

Helpful Tips:

  • Products may take time to work. If your skin does not have an immediate negative reaction, giving a product at least a month to see if there is change in the skin is recommended.

  • When suggestions are not from a Licensed Esthetician, adding products slowly can be beneficial to notice what each product is doing to your skin.

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